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Debenu PDF Aerialist is for Schools: Splitting Textbooks and Linking For Students

Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 helps you work incredibly efficiently to prepare documents for exchange, archives, submission and publishing. When The Seven Hills School, a non-profit independent school in Walnut Creek California, needed help with splitting PDF and ensuring that the internal links were up to date they came across Debenu.

Debenu demonstrated how Adobe Acrobat can make use of plug-ins with advanced tools for splitting, working with bookmarks and hyperlinks in PDF. A savior for the Michael and other staff Debenu PDF Aerialist was a made it easy to work with PDF versions of text books in a way that ensured each child was given a fair go when it came to the working materials.

This case study is available for free and demonstrates how Debenu and Debenu PDF Aerialist takes Adobe Acrobat to the next level and how Debenu is able and willing to work with customers of all sizes and all industries. Read it today.