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Miscellaneous functions

Version history

This function was introduced in Quick PDF Library version 7.11.


Creates a buffer that can be used to send strings to Quick PDF Library DLL containing null characters.

Once the buffer has been created, use the AddToBuffer function to add data to the buffer. The data can be added to the buffer in one call, or chunks of data can be sent one at a time until the buffer is full.

When you are finished with the buffer, call the ReleaseBuffer function to release it.



This function is not available in the Delphi edition


This function is not available in the ActiveX edition


char * DPLCreateBuffer(int InstanceID, int BufferLength)


BufferLength The size in bytes of the buffer that must be created

Return values

0 The BufferLength value was less than 1, or the InstanceID was invalid
Non-zero A PChar that can be passed as any string parameter to other functions

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