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Image handling, Direct access functionality

Version history

This function was renamed in Quick PDF Library version 7.11.

The function name in earlier versions was DAGetImageDataAsVariant.


Returns the image data of an image in an image list as a byte array variant.

The format of the data depends on the type of the image. The DAGetImageIntProperty function can be used to determine the image type.



This function is not available in the Delphi edition


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1511.PDFLibrary::DAGetImageDataToVariant(
  FileHandle As Long, ImageListID As Long, ImageIndex As Long) As Variant


This function is not available in the DLL edition


FileHandle A handle returned by the DAOpenFile, DAOpenFileReadOnly or DAOpenFromStream functions
ImageListID A value returned by the DAGetPageImageList function
ImageIndex The index of the image. The first image in the list has an index of 1. Use the DAGetImageListCount function to determine the number of images in the list.

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