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Document management, Direct access functionality


Opens a file in direct access mode. This allows large files to be processed. The file will not be accessible by other processes until the file is closed using the one of the following functions: DACloseFile, DAAppendFile or DASaveAsFile. Read only files can be opened and all other direct access functions will work but DAAppendFile will not work as the file cannot be written.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1811.DAOpenFile(InputFileName, 
  Password: WideString): Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1811.PDFLibrary::DAOpenFile(InputFileName As String,
  Password As String) As Long


int DPLDAOpenFile(int InstanceID, wchar_t * InputFileName, wchar_t * Password)


InputFileName The path and name of the document to open in direct access mode.
Password The password to use when opening the document. This can be the owner or user password. If the user password is used certain functionality may be restricted depending on the permissions of the document.

Return values

0 The file could not be opened. Use the LastErrorCode function to determine the cause of the failure.
Non-zero A FileHandle that can be used with the other Direct Access functions

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