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Direct access functionality, Page properties


Sets the rotation of the selected page. The rotation is only applicable to the viewed page, the co-ordinate system rotates with the page.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1811.DARotatePage(FileHandle, PageRef, Angle, 
  Options: Integer): Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1811.PDFLibrary::DARotatePage(FileHandle As Long,
  PageRef As Long, Angle As Long, Options As Long) As Long


int DPLDARotatePage(int InstanceID, int FileHandle, int PageRef, int Angle,
  int Options)


FileHandle A handle returned by the DAOpenFile, DAOpenFileReadOnly or DAOpenFromStream functions
PageRef A page reference returned by the DAFindPage or DANewPage functions
Angle The clockwise angle in degrees to rotate the page by, must be a multiple of 90
Options Reserved for future use. Must be set to 0.

Return values

0 The page rotation could not be set. Check that the FileHandle and PageRef parameters are correct, and ensure that the Angle parameter is a multiple of 90.
1 The page rotation was set successfully

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