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Version history

This function was introduced in Quick PDF Library version 8.14.


Draws rotated text which is wrapped at a specific delimiter.

The SetTextAlign function can be used to change the alignment of the text.

The first line of text will start with the baseline at the anchor point used for rotation.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1511.DrawRotatedMultiLineText(XPos, YPos, Angle: Double; 
  Delimiter, Text: WideString): Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1511.PDFLibrary::DrawRotatedMultiLineText(XPos As Double,
  YPos As Double, Angle As Double, Delimiter As String,
  Text As String) As Long


int DPLDrawRotatedMultiLineText(int InstanceID, double XPos, double YPos,
  double Angle, wchar_t * Delimiter, wchar_t * Text)


XPos The horizontal coordinate of the anchor point
YPos The vertical coordinate of the anchor point
Angle The angle to rotate the text, measured anti-clockwise in degrees from the baseline, around the anchor point
Delimiter The delimiter to use when splitting the text into lines. The only valid characters to use as the delimiter are characters which have a "width", as well as the CR and LF characters (ASCII values 13 and 10).
Text The text to draw

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