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Document manipulation, Extraction, Page manipulation


Extracts ranges of pages from a PDF document on disk and places the extracted pages into a new PDF document.

The ExtractFilePagesEx function (introduced in version 9.14) is able to produce smaller output files using a cross reference stream instead of a cross reference table.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1811.ExtractFilePages(InputFileName, Password, 
  OutputFileName, RangeList: WideString): Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1811.PDFLibrary::ExtractFilePages(InputFileName As String,
  Password As String, OutputFileName As String,
  RangeList As String) As Long


int DPLExtractFilePages(int InstanceID, wchar_t * InputFileName, wchar_t * Password,
  wchar_t * OutputFileName, wchar_t * RangeList)


InputFileName The path and name of the document that contains the pages to extract.
Password The password to use when opening the document
OutputFileName The path and name of the document to create containing the extracted pages.
RangeList The pages to extract, for example "10,15,18-20,25-35". Invalid characters will be ignored. Reversed page ranges such as "5-1" will be accepted. Duplicate page numbers will be accepted but if a change is made to such a page the same changes will appear on the duplicate pages. The list of pages will not be sorted so the resulting document will have the pages in the specified order.

Return values

0 The pages could not be extracted. Use the LastErrorCode function to determine the cause of the failure.
1 The pages were extracted successfully

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