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Function groups

Annotations and hotspot links
Create, modify and extract annotations, internal and external links.

Create and place 1D or 2D barcodes that comply with major standards (e.g., Code128, QR Code).

Examine or manage (CMYK and RGB) color usage through the document.

Content Streams and Optional Content Groups
Manipulate Quick PDF Library content streams (layers) as well as Optional Content Groups.

Direct access functionality
Work with files directly on the disk to allow larger documents to be processed quickly.

Document management
Load/save your documents from/to disk or memory.

Document manipulation
Extract pages, split PDFs into smaller documents or merge them together.

Document properties
Modify global document properties including security, fonts, information, and JavaScript.

Extract PDF content, including text, full pages, or content-related information (e.g., font properties).

Manipulate fonts or find out font properties such as name, size, height, width, kerning.

Form fields
Work with PDF forms -- both the original AcroForms technology and static XFA.

HTML text
Basic HTML functionality allows the addition of reflowing text boxes.

Image handling
Add, edit, extract, modify a variety of image types using conventional and Direct Access (DA) functions.

Access the collection of JavaScript functions which turn your PDF into a living dynamic document.

Measurement and coordinate units
Set the units (e.g., mm or inches) to be used by the drawing functions.

Miscellaneous functions
A variety of functions centered around configuring the library such as specifying the unlock key.

Add and edit outlines (bookmarks), navigational elements used within a PDF.

Page layout
Add content (including multimedia), configure color, page, and transparency/overprint settings.

Page manipulation
Move, copy, add, rotate, and replace pages using memory or Direct Access functions.

Page properties
Work with page properties like size, orientation, page boxes, page labels, and JavaScript.

Path definition and drawing
Produce vector graphical content using lines and curves.

Rendering and printing
Render PDF content to images for viewing, saving or printing.

Security and Signatures
Encrypt, decrypt documents, apply security properties and work with Digital Signatures.

Add text to a page using a rich set of font characteristics and colors.

Vector graphics
Draw lines, curves or shapes, which can be assigned to drawn directly or assigned to paths.

Deprecated and deleted functions
This is a set of functions that are no longer valid.

Renamed functions
Functions which have been renamed for consistency with the rest of the library.

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