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Miscellaneous functions


Use this function to determine the reason certain functions failed.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1811.LastErrorCode: Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1811.PDFLibrary::LastErrorCode As Long


int DPLLastErrorCode(int InstanceID)

Return values

101 The Strength parameter passed to the Encrypt function was invalid
102 The Permissions parameter passed to the Encrypt function was invalid. Use the EncodePermissions function to construct a value for this parameter
103 The Encrypt function was used on a document that was already encrypted
104 The Encrypt function failed for an unknown reason
201 The SetInformation function failed because the document is encrypted
202 The Key parameter passed to the SetInformation function was out of range
301 An invalid combination of barcode and option was sent to the DrawBarcode function
302 Non-numeric characters were sent to DrawBarcode using EAN-13
303 The EAN-13 barcode has an invalid checksum character
401 Could not open input file
402 Output file already exists and could not be deleted
403 Could not open output file
404 Invalid password
405 Document is not encrypted
406 Document is already encrypted
407 Invalid encryption strength
408 Invalid permissions
409 Invalid file structure, file is damaged
410 One of the input files is encrypted
411 File not found
412 Invalid page range list
501 The specified FileHandle was invalid
999 The function could not be used because the library is not unlocked

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