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Document management


This function, only available in the Delphi versions of the library, allows a PDF document to be loaded from a TStream object. If the function succeeds, the loaded document will be selected and its DocumentID can be retrieved using the SelectedDocument function.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1511.LoadFromStream(InStream: TStream; 
  Password: WideString): Integer;


This function is not available in the ActiveX edition


This function is not available in the DLL edition


InStream The TStream object containing the PDF document data
Password The password to load the file

Return values

0 A PDF document could not be read from the stream. Use the LastErrorCode function to determine the reason this function failed.
1 A PDF document was successfully read from the stream. Use the SelectedDocument function to obtain the Document ID which can be used later to select this specific document.

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