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Form fields


Sets the position, scaling and layout of a button form field's icon. These parameters apply to all the icons assigned to a button (up, down and rollover).



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1511.SetFormFieldIconStyle(Index, Placement, Scale, 
  ScaleType, HorizontalShift, VerticalShift: Integer): Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1511.PDFLibrary::SetFormFieldIconStyle(Index As Long,
  Placement As Long, Scale As Long, ScaleType As Long,
  HorizontalShift As Long, VerticalShift As Long) As Long


int DPLSetFormFieldIconStyle(int InstanceID, int Index, int Placement, int Scale,
  int ScaleType, int HorizontalShift, int VerticalShift)


Index The index of the form field
Placement The icon placement:
0 = No icon; caption only
1 = No caption; icon only
2 = Caption below the icon
3 = Caption above the icon
4 = Caption to the right of the icon
5 = Caption to the left of the icon
6 = Caption overlaid directly on the icon
Scale The conditions under which to scale the icon:
0 = Always scale
1 = Only scale when the icon is bigger than the button
2 = Only scale when the icon is smaller than the button
3 = Never scale
ScaleType The type of scaling to use:
0 = Ignore aspect ratio
1 = Maintain aspect ratio
HorizontalShift The percentage of space placed to the left of the icon, for example:
0 = Align left
50 = Center horizontally
100 = Align right
VerticalShift The percentage of space placed beneath the icon, for example:
0 = Align bottom
50 = Center vertically
100 = Align top

Return values

0 The form field could not be found or the parameters were invalid
1 The icon style of the form field was set successfully

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