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Version history

This function was renamed in Quick PDF Library version 8.11.

The function name in earlier versions was SetPageContent.


This function allows the content of the selected PDF page to be set. This is for advanced use only! If incorrect information is put into the page's content stream then the PDF file may not load correctly with Acrobat or any other PDF viewer.

In previous versions of Quick PDF Library this function would only set the content of the selected content stream part.

From version 8.11 this function sets the content of the entire page resulting in a single content stream part. The SetContentStreamFromString function can be used to set the PDF page description commands of the content stream part selected with the SelectContentStream function.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1811.SetPageContentFromString(
  const Source: AnsiString): Integer;


This function is not available in the ActiveX edition


int DPLSetPageContentFromString(int InstanceID, char * Source)


Source The new contents of the page

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