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Security and Signatures

Version history

This function was introduced in Quick PDF Library version 9.13.


Sets the signature field to use for a digital signature process.

If a field with a specified name is not found a new signature field will be added with the given name. The new field will be invisible (zero width and height) and will be attached to the first page in the document. Call SetSignProcessFieldBounds to set location and size of new form field and SetSignProcessFieldPage to set the page it is placed on.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1511.SetSignProcessField(SignProcessID: Integer; 
  SignatureFieldName: WideString): Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1511.PDFLibrary::SetSignProcessField(SignProcessID As Long,
  SignatureFieldName As String) As Long


int DPLSetSignProcessField(int InstanceID, int SignProcessID,
  wchar_t * SignatureFieldName)


SignProcessID A value returned by the NewSignProcessFromFile, NewSignProcessFromStream or NewSignProcessFromString functions.
SignatureFieldName The name of the signature form field

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