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Document properties


Sets the viewer preferences for the document.

For Option=7 to take effect, the initial page mode should be set to Full Screen using the SetPageMode function with the NewPageMode parameter set to 3.



function TDebenuPDFLibrary1511.SetViewerPreferences(Option, 
  NewValue: Integer): Integer;


Function DebenuPDFLibrary1511.PDFLibrary::SetViewerPreferences(Option As Long,
  NewValue As Long) As Long


int DPLSetViewerPreferences(int InstanceID, int Option, int NewValue)


Option 1 = Hide toolbar
2 = Hide menubar
3 = Hide window user interface
4 = Resize window to first page size
5 = Center window
6 = Display document title
7 = Page mode after full screen
8 = Predominant text reading order
9 = Display boundary for viewing
10 = Clipping boundary for viewing
11 = Display voundary for printing
12 = Clipping boundary for printing
13 = Default print dialog: scaling
14 = Default print dialog: duplex
15 = Default print dialog: auto paper tray
16 = Default print dialog: number of copies
NewValue For Option 1 to 6:
0=No, 1=Yes
For Option 7:
0=Normal view, 1=Show the outlines pane, 2=Show the thumbnails pane, 3=Show the layers pane
For Option 8:
0=Left to right, 1=Right to left
For Option 9 to 12:
0=MediaBox, 1=CropBox, 2=BleedBox, 3=TrimBox, 4=ArtBox
For Option 13:
0=None, 1=Application default
For Option 14:
0=Simplex, 1=Duplex flip short edge, 2=Duplex flip long edge
For Option 15:
0=No, 1=Yes
For Option 16:
Any positive number

Return values

0 The viewer preferences could not be set
1 The viewer preferences were set successfully

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