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Featured Developer Carmine Di Giacomo self-employed consultant:

Featured Developers are responding to fascinating PDF problems by building outstanding, original solutions using Quick PDF Library. Each month, this section highlights how one such innovator has identified and achieved its organizational goals with an elegant PDF-based solution.

This month’s Quick PDF Library Featured Developer is Carmine Di Giacomo.

We asked a few key questions and the answers are as follows.

1. Describe what the business you work in does, the industry it is in and your role in the team.

I am a self-employed consultant, primarily database development, and administration. I also do application development using VB and C#

2. What is the name of the application that uses Quick PDF Library and what does it do?

PDF Extraction. I developed this application for a government client in Wyoming. The application extracts pages from their tax notices and assessments, which I receive as an approximately 25,000-page PDF. One 25,000-page file for each of the document types. It then reads lines from the extracted pages into a text file, then writes those values to an SQL table. Another application, Questys ECMx, then reads the data from SQL matches it to the previously extracted and newly renamed PDF pages, and populates the content management fields with the data, as well as making the PDF available for viewing. The government agency uses this data for their constituents to view the tax assessment data online.


3. Specifically how is Quick PDF Library used in the application?

I use the library to loop through the 25,000-page document, extract every page, save the extracted page, single if a valuation notice, 2 pages if it’s the assessment, number each page, read the page, write that to a text file.

4. What do you think of Quick PDF Library?

I love it! Quick PDF Library is the best development product I’ve ever purchased. It’s so easy to use and very intuitive. Anyone looking for a PDF SDK need look no further!