Featured Developer: eCTD Office

eCTD OfficeFeatured Developers are responding to fascinating PDF problems by building outstanding, original solutions using Quick PDF Library. This months Quick PDF Library Featured Developer is Žarko Gajić from Mono Software who is a lead developer on eCTD Office.

We asked a few key questions and the answers are as follows.

1. Describe what the business you work in does and the industry it is in.

I am a project manager and lead developer at Mono Software which is a software development company which has built many widely used products such as eCTD Office for the pharmaceutical industry and other industries.

2. What is the name of the application that uses Quick PDF Library and what does it do?

Our core offering is called eCTD Office and it is a suite of integrated software products for the creation, validation, publishing, viewing and manipulation of regulatory documentation for electronic submissions by pharmaceutical companies to regulatory authorities.

3. Specifically, how is Quick PDF Library used in the application?

We use Quick PDF Library in a read mode and a read/write mode.

Read Mode

  • get metadata (PDF version, metadata, linearization, security settings, etc)
  • extract hyperlnks (GOTO, GOTOR annotations) and check if they are valid
  • extract font information
  • extracting page text
  • generating one-page preview
  • extracting form data

Read / Write Mode

  • generation of reports in PDF
  • adding new and adjusting existing hyperlinks (outlines, annotations)
  • adding additional text and graphics
  • split and merge documents
  • filling forms

4. What do you think of Quick PDF Library?

I’ve been looking for a long time for a PDF library that I could use in Delphi that is still actively maintained, is easy to use and provides all of the PDF manipulation functions that were needed for my project (plus: source code can be purchased).

Finally, Quick PDF Library was selected as the only (or maybe one of a few at that time) library which provided many of the required features for this project.

I am more than happy with the support: issues are being fixed in a timely fashion and support is always willing to listen to new ideas and implement new functionality.

There are a few missing functions I still am looking for (and therefore have to use other PDF processing tools) like being able to linearize saved documents – but I hope this is on the roadmap.

Most importantly: Quick PDF Library is maintained daily and I am sure I’ll be able to use it for a long time!