Featured Developer: Estéban & Co. Daniel Estéban


March’s Featured Developer is Daniel Estéban and his team at Estéban & Co. He has demonstrated an exceptional, innovative and practical application of Quick PDF Library. Using the PDF SDK to build PDF functionality into several custom applications he uses in his business.

The Featured Developers are creating outstanding original applications in their field to accomplish organisational goals and tasks using Quick PDF Library for the PDF handling.

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 We asked Daniel a few key questions about what he is using Quick PDF Library for and the answers are as follows:

1. Describe what the business you work in does and the industry it is in.

Estéban & Co. is a family-owned printing firm servicing small to large architecture/engineering/construction companies as well as developers and property owners. I am vice president and owner and handle the IT side of things which include servers, infrastructure, web development and application development.

2. What is the name of the application that uses Quick PDF Library and what does it do?

Filenamer, ProjectWeb and Monthly Billing.

Filenamer – We use Quick PDF Library to render PDF files to PNG images for viewing (since RenderToDC never really worked correctly). It’s still slow but it works (haven’t tried version 10 yet).

ProjectWeb – We use an in-house developed Quick PDF Library enabled the component to create PDF files on the fly from TIFF images for digital distribution via the web.

Monthly Billing – We use Quick PDF Library to generate the monthly billing invoices for certain services that require pulling from proprietary log files to generate usage calculations.

3. Specifically, how is Quick PDF Library used in the application?

Filenamer is an in-house application written in VC++ geared towards pre-flighting files we receive from clients. This entails viewing, rotating, renaming, etc.

ProjectWeb is our home-grown web-based document management system used by our clients to access the files we hold on servers for their projects.

Monthly Billing is generated for a small subset of services using Quick PDF Library to generate the invoices on the fly from proprietary usage logs.
4. What do you think of Quick PDF Library?

It’s great! Easy to use and has an extensive set of functions providing a very powerful library!

That concludes the March’s Quick PDF Library Featured Developer. A big thank you and congratulations to Daniel and his team from Estéban & Co. for the interview.

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