Featured Developer: Introspective Systems

logoFeatured Developers are responding to fascinating PDF problems by building outstanding, original solutions using Quick PDF Library. Each month, this section highlights how one such innovator has identified and achieved its organizational goals with an elegant PDF-based solution.

This month’s Quick PDF Library Featured Developer is Caryl Erin Johnson from Introspective Systems and SIMplexity Designs.

We asked a few key questions and the answers are as follows.

1. Describe what the business you work in does, the industry it is in and your role in the team.

I am one of the founders and Chief Innovation Officer of a software development company called IntrospectiveSystems.com developing applications in multiple domains on a novel graph framework association engine.

2. What is the name of the application that uses Quick PDF Library and what does it do?

SIMplexity Launch and it works like architects work, helping collect the information about the goals and strategies of a project, organizational culture, workflow and sustainability metrics. 

This is our first product and has visual requirement development application used for Architectural Programming (Briefing), which enables efficient, customer responsive derivation of pre-design requirements.

3. Specifically how is Quick PDF Library used in the application?

The association engine collects, organizes and synthesizes information from a variety of common media types. The Quick PDF Library is used to extract highlighted passages from a PDF along with any associated annotation for integration into the information fusion process.

4. What do you think of Quick PDF Library?

I found the Quick PDF Library to be professional, well documented, simple to use. I also found the support, even for the unpaid trial, to be superlative!