Featured Quick PDF library Developer Jeff King from USF Breast Health Program

Featured Developers are responding to fascinating PDF problems by building outstanding, original solutions using Quick PDF Library. Each month, this section highlights how one such innovator has identified and achieved its organizational goals with an elegant PDF-based solution.

This month’s Quick PDF Library Featured Developer is Jeff King from USF Breast Health Program

We asked a few key questions, and the full interview text follows.

1. Describe what the business you work in does, the industry it is in and your role in the team.

The USF Breast Health Program, located in Tampa Florida, focuses on rapid diagnosis, excellent treatment and the best outcomes possible. For more than 25 years, we have developed hardware and software technology for both our clinical and research practices.

2. What is the name of the application that uses Quick PDF Library and what does it do?

The Breast Cancer Database, our main custom application is an IRB approved Breast Cancer Database. We use PDF forms for just about everything. Getting data into these forms was a chore before we found Quick PDF Library. Now we are able to automate and streamline many processes making our practice much more efficient and patient-friendly.

3. Specifically, how is Quick PDF Library used in the application?

We develop in an environment called Clarion for Windows (Softvelocity Corporation). We have purchased a class wrapper from a third party developer that allows us to integrate Quick PDF Library into our development environment. Now we can quickly develop PDF forms and populate these with data from our databases.

4. What do you think of Quick PDF Library?
Quick PDF Library is a superb product. It is very comprehensive and there is nothing I have not been able to do with it. In addition, the support I receive from Debenu is tops. I can’t remember another vendor who has provided this level of support.