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How PDF files are displayed

PDF is not itself a display format, but rather a container for content. Regardless of which specific technology is used, PDF files are prepared for display through a process known as “rendering”. As outlined in this blog post, this involves parsing PDF content and translating it into a form, such as an image, that can […]

What happens if Debenu Quick PDF Library is not unlocked correctly?

Atempting to use Debenu Quick PDF Library without a license key, with an expired trial license key or with an invalid license key, will result in the follow functions being being blocked: DAOpenFile GetInformation LoadFromStream LoadFromString MergeDocument NewDocument SaveToFile SaveToString SecurityInfo EncryptFile DecryptFile AnalyseFile MergeFiles MergeStreams MergeFileListFast ExtractFilePageContent ExtractFilePageText ExtractFilePages GetFileMetadata Check the result of […]

Overlay one PDF onto another PDF programmatically

Debenu Quick PDF Library makes it easy to copy a page from one PDF and draw that page onto one or more pages in a different PDF. This is very useful for when you have a template such as a letterhead that needs to be applied to all pages in a PDF before it is […]

Upgrade warnings for version 11 of Debenu Quick PDF Library

Upgrading to version 12 from version 11 There are no upgrade warnings when moving from version 11 to version 12. In this release we worked hard to ensure that no modifications to existing code bases would be required when upgrading. Upgrading to version 11 from version 10 If you’re upgrading from version 10 to version […]

Replace text in PDF

Currently it is only possible to replace simple text that has not been encoded using Debenu Quick PDF Library and in Debenu PDF Tools Pro using the scripting feature which uses Debenu Quick PDF Library behind the scenes. The function that lets you replace text is the ReplaceTag function.┬áBasically, it is possible to replace some […]

Programmatically flatten form fields in a PDF using Debenu Quick PDF Library

Debenu Quick PDF Library enables you to programmatically flatten PDF form fields. Flattening a PDF form means that the content (text and images) of the form fields are converted to regular text and image objects in the PDF and the form fields are removed. The FormFieldCount function always returns the total number form fields in […]