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Can I insert an image into a PDF form field?

No, Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools do not support inserting images into PDF form fields.

Can Debenu Quick PDF Library print PDF forms that use XFA form fields?

There are two types of PDF forms – XFA and AcroForms. An XFA form will always have a corresponding AcroForm. When getting/setting XFA form fields – Debenu Quick PDF library only changes the XML description of the fields in the PDF. When setting the AcroForm fields, and appearance stream can be generated for the form fields […]

Programmatically extract form field data from PDF files

As well as enabling you to generate form fields and fill form fields, Debenu Quick PDF Library makes it easy to extract form field data or information about form fields from PDF files. In the sample code below we demonstrate how to iterate through each page in a PDF to extract information about all of […]

Appearance streams for PDF form fields

A form field must have an appearance stream associated with it in the PDF in order for the form field to be visible when the PDF is viewed or printed. Appearance streams control the appearance of widget annotations and allow them to be presented in visually different ways to reflect user interactions. When creating form […]

Create PDF form fields programmatically

Creating PDF forms programmatically is easy with Debenu Quick PDF Library. In the sample code below we show you how to create text, checkbox and radio button form fields. A list of all form field functions available in our PDF SDK can be found in our form field function reference. PDF form fields need appearance […]

Programmatically flatten form fields in a PDF using Debenu Quick PDF Library

Debenu Quick PDF Library enables you to programmatically flatten PDF form fields. Flattening a PDF form means that the content (text and images) of the form fields are converted to regular text and image objects in the PDF and the form fields are removed. The FormFieldCount function always returns the total number form fields in […]

FindFormFieldByTitle finds extra form field that doesn’t exist

When calling the FindFormFieldByTitle it can sometimes find two fields with the same name. For example, in a PDF form there might be a form field with the title “Name_Of_Campaign“. The PDF SDK will find that form field fine but it might also find another field called with a very similar name such as “Name_Of_Campaign.“. […]

Programmatically delete all form fields in a PDF

All form fields in a PDF can be deleted with the assistance of the DeleteFormField function in Debenu Quick PDF Library. Some JScript sample code that demonstrates how to do this is shown below: DPL.LoadFromFile("pdf_form.pdf"); TotalFormFields = DPL.FormFieldCount()   While (TotalFormFields > 0) { DPL.DeleteFormField(TotalFormFields); TotalFormfields = TotalFormFields – 1; }   DPL.SaveToFile("no_form_fields.pdf"); DPL.LoadFromFile("pdf_form.pdf"); TotalFormFields […]

Rename an existing form field programmatically

It is possible to rename a form field programmatically using the SetFormFieldChildTitle function in Debenu Quick PDF Library. Say for example that you have a parent field called Details, with child fields Name and Address, the full field names will be: Details.Name Details.Address Details.Name Details.Address If you wanted to change Details.Name to Details.FirstName you can […]

Create duplicate checkbox form fields with different export values

When using Debenu Quick PDF Library it is possible to create checkbox form fields which have the same name and as a result become duplicate form fields (updating one updates them all), but it is not possible to have duplicate form fields with different export values. When a duplicate form field is created what actually […]