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Is it possible to only display certain layers when reaching a particular zoom level?

Yes, to set the layer visibility zoom level open the Manage Layers dialog (Plug-ins > ARTS PDF Aerialist X Pro > Layers > Manage Layers), create a new layer or edit an existing one and adjust the layer visibility level using the percentages in the drop down boxes.

Detecting empty pages

From time to time, it can be necessary to detect and process empty pages. For example, one might want to delete blank all pages or add a “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” stamp to each page. Nevertheless, detecting empty PDF pages can pose special challenges due to the nature of PDF files. Although PDF is […]

Upgrade warnings for version 11 of Debenu Quick PDF Library

Upgrading to version 12 from version 11 There are no upgrade warnings when moving from version 11 to version 12. In this release we worked hard to ensure that no modifications to existing code bases would be required when upgrading. Upgrading to version 11 from version 10 If you’re upgrading from version 10 to version […]

Display watermark only when a PDF is printed

With the use of Optional Content Groups (OCGs), aka Layers in Acrobat lingo, it is possible to make specific content only appear when the PDF is viewed on screen or printed. The sample code demonstrates how this can be done by showing you three different examples of text drawn on a page. // Draw text […]

How do I create a new layer with ARTS PDF Aerialist X Pro?

Select Plug-ins > ARTS PDF Aerialist X Pro > Layers > Manage Layers > New, or to create a new layer from existing PDF pages, select Plug-ins > ARTS PDF Aerialist X Pro > Layers > Create Layers From Pages.