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Issue with Ricoh printers where PDFs come out in black and white instead of color

Debenu Quick PDF Library uses the standard Windows DEVMODE structure for printing which is used by many other programs as well. Unfortunately the printer driver manufacturers don’t use the values specified in the DEVMODE structure and instead use custom undocumented values. This means that the SetupCustomPrinter function works for many drivers but not every driver. […]

Is printing PostScript to PDF supported?

No, the Postscipt functions in Debenu Quick PDF Library such as DrawPostScriptXObject will only embed existing postscript commands into a PDF. This is mainly done for printers. Most, if not all PDF viewers do not contain any Postscript rendering functionality so you page may be technically correct but there is not viewer that can render it. […]

How to use rendering and printing add-on with Debenu Quick PDF Library

Debenu Quick PDF Library has a new rendering and printing add-on which provides much improved support for transparency, shading patterns and tiling patterns when rendering and printing PDF files. This new rendering engine is part of Debenu Quick PDF Library. It is a separate DLL which will need to be copied, loaded and then called from within your […]

Can Debenu Quick PDF Library print PDF forms that use XFA form fields?

There are two types of PDF forms – XFA and AcroForms. An XFA form will always have a corresponding AcroForm. When getting/setting XFA form fields – Debenu Quick PDF library only changes the XML description of the fields in the PDF. When setting the AcroForm fields, and appearance stream can be generated for the form fields […]

Custom printing options

Debenu Quick PDF Library can print PDF files to installed physical printers (e.g. Lexmark S300 Series) or virtual printers (e.g. Microsoft XPS Document Writer). If you do not need granular control over the printer settings then you can use the PrintDocument and PrintOptions functions. However, if you need to control exactly what is happening when the […]

Print existing PDF files to an installed printer

Debenu Quick PDF Library can print PDF files to an installed printer using the PrintDocument function. PDF files can be printed to any installed printer driver regardless of whether it is for a physical printer or a virtual printer such as Microsoft XPS Document Writer. There are a range of other printing related functions that […]

Can I print to different printer trays?

Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools Pro do not currently let you print to different printer bins or paper trays during the same print job. You can assign different print jobs to different printer bins or paper trays, but you can’t assign the one print job to different outputs depending on which page […]

Can I print different pages in a PDF to different paper trays?

It is not currently possible to print to multiple paper trays or bins using Debenu Quick PDF Library or Debenu PDF Tools Pro due to the technical constraints of some of the libraries that we use. For Debenu Quick PDF Library users a workaround is possible by implementing the printing job manually using the RenderPageToDOC […]

Display watermark only when a PDF is printed

With the use of Optional Content Groups (OCGs), aka Layers in Acrobat lingo, it is possible to make specific content only appear when the PDF is viewed on screen or printed. The sample code demonstrates how this can be done by showing you three different examples of text drawn on a page. // Draw text […]

Get list of available paper trays for printer

In order to get a list of the available paper trays for a printer you need to use the GetPrinterBins function in Debenu Quick PDF Library. This function will return a list of the available paper trays and associated values. You can then use the returned value with the SetupCustomPrinter function to print your documents […]