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Code to check PDFs for security settings

The AnalyseFile function can be used to check a PDF for security settings. If the PDF has an open password then this password will need to be passed to the AnalyseFile function before you can check the permissions for the PDF. private void btnAnalyseFile_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string[] item1 = { "Filename", "Filesize", "Author", […]

What happens if Debenu Quick PDF Library is not unlocked correctly?

Atempting to use Debenu Quick PDF Library without a license key, with an expired trial license key or with an invalid license key, will result in the follow functions being being blocked: DAOpenFile GetInformation LoadFromStream LoadFromString MergeDocument NewDocument SaveToFile SaveToString SecurityInfo EncryptFile DecryptFile AnalyseFile MergeFiles MergeStreams MergeFileListFast ExtractFilePageContent ExtractFilePageText ExtractFilePages GetFileMetadata Check the result of […]

What is the difference between Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu Quick PDF Library Lite?

Debenu Quick PDF Library Lite includes a small subset of the features available in the full Debenu Quick PDF Library SDK. As of version 10.11 Debenu Quick PDF Library Lite includes 44 functions and the full version of Debenu Quick PDF Library has close to 900 functions. The features in the Lite version are limited to […]

Upgrade warnings for version 11 of Debenu Quick PDF Library

Upgrading to version 12 from version 11 There are no upgrade warnings when moving from version 11 to version 12. In this release we worked hard to ensure that no modifications to existing code bases would be required when upgrading. Upgrading to version 11 from version 10 If you’re upgrading from version 10 to version […]

Advanced options for signing PDF files

The SignFile function in Debenu Quick PDF Library lets you sign PDF files using the PKCS#12 format (containing a certificate and private key). But sometimes more advanced signing options are required. This is why we’ve added two new functions: SetSignProcessPassthrough and GetSignProcessByteRange. These functions let you sign PDF files using signatures that were created externally. These advanced […]

Adobe Reader or Acrobat displays a “At least one signature has problems” message when signed PDF is opened

After signing a PDF file and then opening it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat the following message may be shown just below the toolbar:   This message does not indicate that the digital signature is invalid or corrupt. Instead it’s a poorly worded message from Adobe that causes unnecessary alarm. If you click on […]

Adobe Reader Extensions / Usage Rights

Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions (also known as Adobe Reader Extensions or Reader Extensions or Usage Rights) enables PDF forms designers, using either Adobe LiveCycle or Adobe Acrobat, to unlock hidden features in Adobe Reader such as the ability to save PDF forms or digitally sign PDFs. The ability to extend Adobe Reader this way is […]

Programmatically remove a password from a PDF

The ease with which you can remove a password from a PDF document depends on whether you have the user password. If the user password is known then removing security from a PDF is as simple as loading a document using the LoadFromFile function and at the same time including the user password in the […]

Can I use Debenu Quick PDF Library with Microsoft Access to generate PDF reports?

Yes, you can use Debenu Quick PDF Library to generate PDF files from Microsoft Access. Below you can find sample C# code which demonstrates how this can be done. The sample demonstrates how to generate a PDF using data obtained from a Microsoft Access database. The C# sample project for this code can be downloaded […]