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Creating a Watched Folder to Split and Merge in Debenu PDF Tools Pro

It can be useful to automate repetitive document manipulation tasks using watched folders. Watched folders, or “hot” folders as they are sometimes also known, are special folders that are set up in such a way that files placed into them are automatically processed. Essentially, software that supports this functionality (like Debenu PDF Tools Pro) can […]

Creating a Splitting and Merging Watched Folder to Automate Splitting and Merging PDF Files

This Knowledge Base entry will go through the process of creating a splitting and merging watched folder to automate splitting and merging PDF files using Debenu PDF Tools Pro. It will allow you to drop a group of PDF files into a folder and produce a new PDF with the split contents specified. This works […]

Split PDF By Bookmark and Remove Dead Bookmarks After Splitting

This tutorial will show you how to split a PDF document and keep the bookmarks that are still valid after splitting while removing the bookmarks that are no longer valid (dead) from the PDF. Step 1 Open the PDF you want need to split in Adobe Acrobat. Step 2 Go to Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 […]

Reducing PDF File Size with Acrobat and Debenu PDF Aerialist

PDF can support the inclusion of any number of elements, including images, text, multimedia and various interactive objects such as forms. These all contribute to file size, however. Sometimes, it can be important to produce smaller files for easier emailing, uploading or downloading. Between them, Acrobat and Debenu PDF Aerialist offer a wide range of […]

Generate Table of Contents (TOC) from folder structure

For faster downloading or online viewing, it can be helpful to split larger documents into smaller files — or alternatively, to avoid merging smaller documents in the first place. Regardless, keeping this content separate need not reduce the ease with which your content can be navigated. One option is to generate bookmarks based on the […]

Generate PDF bookmarks from folder structure

One way to optimize the online viewing experience for PDF is to split larger documents into smaller files for faster downloading. By adding bookmarks, it’s possible to offer a seamless viewing experience across multiple documents for users. While it is also possible to join PDF documents using links, links are included in line with document […]

How to use Dropbox with Watched Folders via Debenu PDF Tools Pro

The Watched Folders feature in Debenu PDF Tools Pro has been optimized for use with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and other popular cloud-based and file-syncing solutions. Once configured, this allows you to run PDF Tools Pro remotely from any device that can access the shared folders, including mobile devices. For this to function, the computer […]

Creating “roadmap” bookmarks across multiple documents

Debenu PDF Aerialist can easily link related PDFs by adding a set of “roadmap” bookmarks to every file in the collection. This can be invaluable if you deal with PDFs report with external appendices, a multi-part submission or e-filing, or even just a large document that has been split for easier online viewing. To add […]

Replace text in PDF

Currently it is only possible to replace simple text that has not been encoded using Debenu Quick PDF Library and in Debenu PDF Tools Pro using the scripting feature which uses Debenu Quick PDF Library behind the scenes. The function that lets you replace text is the ReplaceTag function.┬áBasically, it is possible to replace some […]