Acrobat DC for Mac compatibility

Aerialist plug-ins are not currently supported in Acrobat DC on the Mac operating system. However, Acrobat DC for the Windows operating system is supported. Adobe switched Adobe Acrobat DC on Mac from a 32-bit to 64-bit application as required by Apple for newer versions of Mac OS X however updating the architecture of the plug-in from […]

“Debenu PDF Aerialist.mpkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Since the release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion applications from unidentified developers or sources are  prevented from being launched by default. This message will be shown in OS X 10.8 or later when you try to launch a Mac app that did not come from  the Mac App Store or from a verified source: […]

Silent installation for Debenu PDF Aerialist

A silent installation for Debenu PDF Aerialist can be executed using the Windows command line. By installing silently via command line you are automatically agreeing to the End User License Agreement for Debenu PDF Aerialist. Installing Instructions for silently installing Debenu PDF Aerialist using Windows command line: Debenu PDF Aerialist Either navigate to the folder […]

Can I use Debenu PDF Aerialist without Adobe Acrobat?

No, Debenu PDF Aerialist is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and will not function if Adobe Acrobat is not installed and will not work with Adobe Reader. If you’re looking for stand-alone PDF software that does not require Adobe Acrobat we suggest you take a look at Debenu PDF Tools Pro.

How to uninstall Debenu’s Adobe Acrobat plug-ins on Mac OS X

Debenu’s Adobe Acrobat plug-ins, for example Debenu PDF Aerialist, can be uninstalled on Mac OS X by following the instructions provided below: Go to the Applications folder in Finder Double-click on the Adobe Acrobat folder name Right-click on Adobe Acrobat and select Show Package Contents from the context-menu Double-click on the Plug-ins folder Select […]

I have successfully completed the ARTS PDF Aerialist Lite installation. However, when I open Acrobat, no menu items appear under the ‘plug-ins’ menu. How do I rectify this?

Verify that the ‘Use only certified plug-ins’ option is unchecked from within Acrobat. Select Edit > Preferences > General > Start Up. After altering this setting, close and reopen Acrobat. Menu items for ARTS PDF Aerialist X should now be visible.