How to change link properties in PDF files

Adjusting the properties of links, such as appearance and destination zoom individually can be time-consuming and prone to error. In some circumstances, such as when preparing documents for eCTD submission, setting the correct link properties can be extremely important. Debenu PDF Aerialist can be used to set the properties of all links in a document […]

Reducing PDF File Size with Acrobat and Debenu PDF Aerialist

PDF can support the inclusion of any number of elements, including images, text, multimedia and various interactive objects such as forms. These all contribute to file size, however. Sometimes, it can be important to produce smaller files for easier emailing, uploading or downloading. Between them, Acrobat and Debenu PDF Aerialist offer a wide range of […]

Compare documents with Debenu PDF Aerialist and Acrobat

Debenu PDF Aerialist has been built to work in concert with Acrobat. As such, it is designed to work with the existing functionality of Acrobat, and avoids unnecessary feature duplication. One often-requested feature is the ability to scan through and compare documents. This is a great time-saver when trying to develop a version control workflow, […]

Generate Table of Contents (TOC) from folder structure

For faster downloading or online viewing, it can be helpful to split larger documents into smaller files — or alternatively, to avoid merging smaller documents in the first place. Regardless, keeping this content separate need not reduce the ease with which your content can be navigated. One option is to generate bookmarks based on the […]

Editing PDF bookmark properties in bulk

Bookmarks are an invaluable tool when it comes to navigating through PDF files. Unlike links, bookmarks sit beside document content, and can be used or viewed at any time using the Bookmarks Pane or its equivalent in viewers such as Acrobat, Adobe Reader or Debenu PDF Tools Pro. Since they play such a key role […]

Generate PDF bookmarks from folder structure

One way to optimize the online viewing experience for PDF is to split larger documents into smaller files for faster downloading. By adding bookmarks, it’s possible to offer a seamless viewing experience across multiple documents for users. While it is also possible to join PDF documents using links, links are included in line with document […]

Create PDF bookmarks from a table of contents (TOC)

Bookmarks provide a fast and convenient way to navigate through PDF documents. Unlike links, which are included in line with PDF content, bookmarks can be constantly accessible through the Bookmarks Panels in viewers like Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Debenu PDF Tools Pro. This makes PDF bookmarks distinctively useful for efficiently navigating through PDFs. While it’s […]

Redacting content in a PDF

Those working in the government, legal, pharmaceutical, healthcare and many other sectors often need to deal with confidential or privileged information. It is crucial to protect this information from being released to unauthorized readers. Traditionally, this has been managed through the process of redaction, which involves permanently deleting or censoring content so that sensitive information […]

Validating PDF links and bookmarks

Links and bookmarks provide a quick and usable way to navigate within and between PDF documents. When they are broken for some reason, this disrupts the reading experience, and can make it impossible to navigate through important content. Manually checking through each PDF for broken links is tedious and time-consuming, as this involves opening each […]

Creating “roadmap” bookmarks across multiple documents

Debenu PDF Aerialist can easily link related PDFs by adding a set of “roadmap” bookmarks to every file in the collection. This can be invaluable if you deal with PDFs report with external appendices, a multi-part submission or e-filing, or even just a large document that has been split for easier online viewing. To add […]