Upgrade Policy for Debenu Products

Major and Minor Releases All of Debenu’s products follow the major.minor format for version numbers. As an example we can look at Debenu Quick PDF Library’s current version number 12.11. The first number (“12”) is the major version number. The second number (“11”) is the minor version number. In some of our other products we have […]

Debenu PDF Crackerjack discontinued, replaced by Debenu PDF Aerialist

Debenu PDF Crackerjack (formerly known as ARTS PDF Crackerjack) has been discontinued as a stand-alone product and its PDF imposition and booklet making functionality has been updated and added to Debenu PDF Aerialist, the ultimate Adobe Acrobat plug-in. Debenu PDF Aerialist is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 9, X and XI and works with Windows and […]

Can I become an official reseller of Debenu products?

Yes, we have two different programs that let our loyal customers share in the success of Debenu. The first option is our official reseller program, which is for large resellers who primarily sell to corporations, and the second option is our affiliate program for our customers who recommend Debenu products to their friends, colleagues and […]

How to uninstall Debenu’s Adobe Acrobat plug-ins on Mac OS X

Debenu’s Adobe Acrobat plug-ins, for example Debenu PDF Aerialist, can be uninstalled on Mac OS X by following the instructions provided below: Go to the Applications folder in Finder Double-click on the Adobe Acrobat folder name Right-click on Adobe Acrobat Pro.app and select Show Package Contents from the context-menu Double-click on the Plug-ins folder Select […]

What does the ‘Auto-size Media’ feature do and what is it used for?

When the ‘Auto-size Media’ feature (File > ARTS PDF Crackerjack X > ARTS PDF Crackerjack X > Media) is checked, ARTS PDF Crackerjack X will automatically set a media size which matches the current PDF page size plus any extra amounts specified by the ‘Border’ parameter. Checking this box causes the list of media sizes […]

Is it possible to verify if all fonts are correctly embedded prior to printing?

If the preference for checking non-embedded fonts is enabled (Edit > Preferences > ARTS PDF Crackerjack X), ARTS PDF Crackerjack X will verify that all fonts in the current document are embedded before printing. If ARTS PDF Crackerjack X finds that a font is not embedded, but that it exists on the current system, it […]

How do I color separate RGB to CMYK with Debenu PDF Crackerjack X?

ARTS PDF Crackerjack X’s default settings will automatically take care of converting RGB to CMYK, including mapping RGB black to the process black (K) plate. To adjust these default settings, double-click on the ‘Edit RGB conversion’ button found on the ARTS PDF Crackerjack X ‘Color’ panel (File > ARTS PDF Crackerjack X > ARTS PDF […]

Can the Debenu PDF Crackerjack X printing process be automated?

Debenu PDF Crackerjack X Pilot is a ‘hot folders’ approach to automation. First you set up a Debenu PDF Crackerjack X settings file and a group of associated folders, one for initial input, one as a destination for successfully processed jobs, another as a repository for unsuccessful jobs, and finally a destination for ‘Save to […]

Is it possible to add my own Color Bar to documents, rather than using the one built into Debenu PDF Crackerjack X?

Yes, to do this, create a PDF page that contains your color bar design, positioned where you want to place it on the page. In the Debenu PDF Crackerjack X ‘Options’ Panel (File > Debenu PDF Crackerjack X > Debenu PDF Crackerjack X > Options), select ‘Use PDF Background’ and browse to select your Color Bar PDF […]