Upgrade Policy for Debenu Products

Major and Minor Releases All of Debenu’s products follow the major.minor format for version numbers. As an example we can look at Debenu Quick PDF Library’s current version number 12.11. The first number (“12”) is the major version number. The second number (“11”) is the minor version number. In some of our other products we have […]

Debenu PDF Maximus Has Been Combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro

Debenu PDF maximus has been combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro and the name PDF Maximus has been retired. More information about this change in product names can be found on our blog: Debenu PDF Maximus Has Been Combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro All of the functionality from Debenu PDF Maximus is now in […]

Can Debenu PDF Maximus run silently in the background?

Debenu PDF Maximus includes watched folder functionality which allows it to run silently in the background. Maximus can run in a completely silent and automated way, processing the files as they are placed in the watched folders without any prompts required from the user.

Does Debenu PDF Maximus require Adobe Acrobat to be installed?

Debenu PDF Maximus is 100% stand-alone software and does not require Adobe Acrobat to be installed.

Can I use Debenu PDF Maximus on a server?

The current version of Debenu PDF Maximus is only permitted for use on a workstation (desktop). We will be releasing a server-side version soon, contact us for further details.