Trial License Keys and Previous Trial Versions

Under normal circumstances, a user can download and install a 30-day trial version of any Debenu product for each machine. Once that time has elapsed, the evaluation license will expire, and the software will be cease to function until it is activated by entering a full license key. If a new major update to the […]

Can I insert an image into a PDF form field?

No, Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools do not support inserting images into PDF form fields.

How to use Dropbox with Watched Folders via Debenu PDF Tools Pro

The Watched Folders feature in Debenu PDF Tools Pro has been optimized for use with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and other popular cloud-based and file-syncing solutions. Once configured, this allows you to run PDF Tools Pro remotely from any device that can access the shared folders, including mobile devices. For this to function, the computer […]

Creating a Watched Folder to Split and Merge in Debenu PDF Tools Pro

It can be useful to automate repetitive document manipulation tasks using watched folders. Watched folders, or “hot” folders as they are sometimes also known, are special folders that are set up in such a way that files placed into them are automatically processed. Essentially, software that supports this functionality (like Debenu PDF Tools Pro) can […]

Creating a Splitting and Merging Watched Folder to Automate Splitting and Merging PDF Files

This Knowledge Base entry will go through the process of creating a splitting and merging watched folder to automate splitting and merging PDF files using Debenu PDF Tools Pro. It will allow you to drop a group of PDF files into a folder and produce a new PDF with the split contents specified. This works […]

Silent installation for Debenu PDF Tools

A silent installation for Debenu PDF Tools or Debenu PDF Tools Pro can be executed using the Windows command line. By installing silently via command line you are automatically agreeing to the End User License Agreement for Debenu PDF Tools. Installing Instructions for silently installing PDF Tools using Windows command line: Debenu PDF Tools “debenu_pdf_tools_en.exe” […]

Can I print to different printer trays?

Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools Pro do not currently let you print to different printer bins or paper trays during the same print job. You can assign different print jobs to different printer bins or paper trays, but you can’t assign the one print job to different outputs depending on which page […]

Can I pay to have a feature added to one of Debenu’s products?

Yes, in certain circumstances we do enter into arrangements where companies can pay us to add features to our products. However, we’ll only ever add a feature to our products if that feature is in line with the direction that we’d like the product to go in. You can contact our sales team if this […]

Can I pay for premium support?

No, Debenu does not offer a premium support payment option. We endeavor to provide free support to all of our customers on a first come, first served basis within a reasonable time frame. Support is primarily provided through email. If the issue is unable to be resolved through email then other support mediums can be […]

Can I use the Watched Folders in Debenu PDF Tools Pro with Dropbox and other file syncing applications?

Absolutely! The Watched Folders feature in Debenu PDF Tools Pro has been designed and optimized for use with Dropbox, SkyDrive and other popular file syncing applications. Being able to integrate with file syncing applications gives you the ability to offer the functionality of PDF Tools Pro in hot folders on remote machines and devices. For […]