Upgrade Policy for Debenu Products

Major and Minor Releases All of Debenu’s products follow the major.minor format for version numbers. As an example we can look at Debenu Quick PDF Library’s current version number 12.11. The first number (“12”) is the major version number. The second number (“11”) is the minor version number. In some of our other products we have […]

Why do I have to pay VAT even though I’m in Europe and you are an Australian company?

Customers located within the European Union (EU) are required to pay VAT when purchasing a Debenu product because our payment processor is located in Germany. The option to include your VAT ID is provided during the purchase process.

Can I renew my Premium Upgrade Protection?

A Premium Upgrade Protection Renewal can be purchased by customers who own an active subscription for Premium Upgrade Protection. Customers must renew their subscription within 30 days of the subscription expiring in order to remain eligible. The 12 month subscription period begins on the same day and month as the original purchase date, even if […]

What payment options are available when purchasing Debenu products?

Debenu products can be purchased using the following payment types: Credit Card PayPal Check For large payments (greater than $500) we also offer the opportunity to pay via wire transfer, however, this attracts a 2% fee to handle the processing and transaction costs. Contact our sales team if you would like to pay using this […]

Control the merging order of PDF files when using Debenu PDF Tools

The PDF merging order that Debenu PDF Tools uses when combining multiple PDF files into one PDF varies depending on if you’re merging files directly within Windows Explorer or if you’re merging PDF files using the Automation features in Debenu PDF Tools Pro. Windows Explorer Debenu PDF Tools integrates with the right-click menu in Windows […]

Issues installing and running applications on Windows 8 without Administrator privileges

Microsoft has made a number of changes to application behavior in Windows 8 which means that sometimes you may experience issues installing or using traditional Desktop applications. These changes include: It is no longer possible to completely turn off User Access Control (UAC). You can just control when you’re notified of pending changes to your […]

Replace text in PDF

Currently it is only possible to replace simple text that has not been encoded using Debenu Quick PDF Library and in Debenu PDF Tools Pro using the scripting feature which uses Debenu Quick PDF Library behind the scenes. The function that lets you replace text is the ReplaceTag function. Basically, it is possible to replace some […]

Adobe Reader or Acrobat displays a “At least one signature has problems” message when signed PDF is opened

After signing a PDF file and then opening it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat the following message may be shown just below the toolbar:   This message does not indicate that the digital signature is invalid or corrupt. Instead it’s a poorly worded message from Adobe that causes unnecessary alarm. If you click on […]

Debenu PDF Maximus Has Been Combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro

Debenu PDF maximus has been combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro and the name PDF Maximus has been retired. More information about this change in product names can be found on our blog: Debenu PDF Maximus Has Been Combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro All of the functionality from Debenu PDF Maximus is now in […]

Can Debenu PDF Tools run silently in the background?

Debenu PDF Tools includes watched folder functionality which allows it to run silently in the background. PDF Tools can run in a completely silent and automated way, processing the files as they are placed in the watched folders without any prompts required from the user. Debenu PDF Tools was designed with PDF automation as a […]