Can I insert an image into a PDF form field?

No, Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools do not support inserting images into PDF form fields.

Silent installation for Debenu PDF Tools

A silent installation for Debenu PDF Tools or Debenu PDF Tools Pro can be executed using the Windows command line. By installing silently via command line you are automatically agreeing to the End User License Agreement for Debenu PDF Tools. Installing Instructions for silently installing PDF Tools using Windows command line: Debenu PDF Tools “debenu_pdf_tools_en.exe” […]

Control the merging order of PDF files when using Debenu PDF Tools

The PDF merging order that Debenu PDF Tools uses when combining multiple PDF files into one PDF varies depending on if you’re merging files directly within Windows Explorer or if you’re merging PDF files using the Automation features in Debenu PDF Tools Pro. Windows Explorer Debenu PDF Tools integrates with the right-click menu in Windows […]

Can I print different pages in a PDF to different paper trays?

It is not currently possible to print to multiple paper trays or bins using Debenu Quick PDF Library or Debenu PDF Tools Pro due to the technical constraints of some of the libraries that we use. For Debenu Quick PDF Library users a workaround is possible by implementing the printing job manually using the RenderPageToDOC […]

Issues installing and running applications on Windows 8 without Administrator privileges

Microsoft has made a number of changes to application behavior in Windows 8 which means that sometimes you may experience issues installing or using traditional Desktop applications. These changes include: It is no longer possible to completely turn off User Access Control (UAC). You can just control when you’re notified of pending changes to your […]

Debenu PDF Maximus Has Been Combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro

Debenu PDF maximus has been combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro and the name PDF Maximus has been retired. More information about this change in product names can be found on our blog: Debenu PDF Maximus Has Been Combined with Debenu PDF Tools Pro All of the functionality from Debenu PDF Maximus is now in […]

Can Debenu PDF Tools run silently in the background?

Debenu PDF Tools includes watched folder functionality which allows it to run silently in the background. PDF Tools can run in a completely silent and automated way, processing the files as they are placed in the watched folders without any prompts required from the user. Debenu PDF Tools was designed with PDF automation as a […]

Does Debenu PDF Tools require Adobe Acrobat to be installed?

No. Debenu PDF Tools is 100% stand-alone software and does not require Adobe Acrobat to be installed.

Can I use Debenu PDF Tools on a server?

Debenu PDF Tools Pro can be installed on desktop and server machines — however, the licensing is different for desktop and server use. A license for desktop use or a license for server use can be purchased through our online store: Buy Debenu PDF Tools Pro 3 The license for the free version of Debenu […]

Where can I download Debenu PDF Tools or Debenu PDF Tools Pro from?

The latest versions of Debenu PDF Tools and Debenu PDF Tools Pro can always be downloaded from their respective product updates pages. Debenu PDF Tools product updates page Debenu PDF Tools product updates page