How much does Debenu PDF Tools cost?

There are two editions of Debenu PDF Tools. The first edition, Debenu PDF Tools, is 100% free and can be used for personal use and for business use — so why not install it in your office for everyone to use. The more advanced edition, Debenu PDF Tools Pro, costs $495 for a single user […]

What PDF library was used to build Debenu PDF Tools?

Debenu PDF Tools was developed using our own royalty-free PDF library, Debenu Quick PDF Library. You can use Debenu Quick PDF Library to build your own applications too for a small one-time fee.

How do I use Debenu PDF Tools?

To use Debenu PDF Tools simply right-click on a PDF in Windows Explorer and select Debenu PDF Tools from the context-menu and then select the feature you wish to use from the menu. At this stage Debenu PDF Tools is only available from the context-menu in Windows Explorer.