Using Debenu PDF Aerialist it is simple to create a Table of Contents or TOC from existing bookmarks in your PDF document. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat (make sure you have Debenu PDF Aerialist installed first)
  2. Go to Plug-Ins > Debenu PDF Aerialist > Table of Contents
  3. The Build Table of Contents dialog will open and you will see a range of options. The key option for building a TOC from bookmarks is in Build Settings > Text Source > Bookmarks.Build Table of Contents dialog
  4. You could simply click on Preview and then Build and your TOC would be automatically generated based on the existing bookmarks in the PDF.
  5. If you wan to refine appearance of your TOC then in the Text Format section you’ll see the options to control the font, size and indentation of the bookmarks. There are additional properties that can be set in the Options section such as line spacing, magnification and so on.

As you can see their are minimal steps involved in creating a TOC from existing bookmarks in your PDF files.