We’re delighted to announce the release of Quick PDF Library version 17 with changes you’ve been asking for and enhancements we feel are going to make your life much easier! 



  • Digital signatures 
  • PHP extension 
  • Java on Windows, Mac and Linux 
  • Delphi macOS Dylib import class (64-bit compatible) 
  • Bug fixes and enhancements 

We recommend you upgrade to the latest version of the Library to enjoy all these improvements and more. To upgrade, please get in touch with our team today 

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Digital signatures 

  • On Windows, a new function (SetSignProcessTimestampURLallows digital signatures to be counter-signed using a timestamp server. This grants the signature validation into the future past the expiry date of the signing identity certificate.  
  • Another change on Windows is the ability to embed the full certificate chain rather than only embedding the final certificate in the chain. When this is done, the signature will be validated if any certificate in the chain is trusted. 


New platforms 

   PHP extension (Windows and Linux)  

  • This allows Quick PDF Library to be used directly from PHP on Windows and Linux. 


   Java support (Windows, Mac and Linux) 

  • This includes a system to use Quick PDF Library from Java on Windows, Mac and Linux 



  • Documentation updates:ReduceSizefunction, signature metadata location  
  • Improved handling of form fields with partial appearance stream objects 
  • PDFiumuses full InitLibraryWithConfig initialization function  
  • Delphi macOSDylibimport class (64-bit compatible) 



Bug fixes  

  • AppendToFileand AppendToStream now work correctly (xref table) for PDFs with hybrid xref  
  • AddFreeTextAnnotationand AddFreeTextAnnotationEx, colors were being quantized, now correct  
  • Fixed cross reference stream generation onExtractFilePagesEx 
  • PDFiumrendering of files that had pages with mixed rotation  
  • AddTrueTypeFontFromStringExnow has correct metrics 
  • Fixed crash in HTML parser 
  • Fixed rendering of images with index color space transparency masks 
  • Fixed issue with printing optimization on flipped images 
  • Import classes for DLL correctedFromStringExfunction parameters (VB.net and C#)  
  • Fixed CMYK JPEG image enumeration on Mac, Linux, iOS and Android 



Please get in touch with any feedback you may have on version 17 or any pointers to what you’d like to see in v18! We’d love to hear about your experiences with the new version. Your ideas for how we can improve Quick PDF Library are incredibly helpful as we prepare the future of Quick PDF Library.