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Can I pay to have a feature added to one of Debenu’s products?

Yes, in certain circumstances we do enter into arrangements where companies can pay us to add features to our products. However, we’ll only ever add a feature to our products if that feature is in line with the direction that we’d like the product to go in. You can contact our sales team if this […]

The Mail Merge feature in Debenu PDF Aerialist is disabled in the Acrobat plug-ins menu

To use the PDF Mail Merge feature in Debenu PDF Aerialist, you need to open a PDF form in Adobe Acrobat (unfortunately, Debenu PDF Aerialist is not compatible with XFA forms created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer). Once a PDF document with form fields is open, the Mail Merge menu item in Debenu PDF Aerialist will […]

I really like using Stamp feature but switching between profiles in the Stamp Management dialog results in the application taking some time to refresh the preview pane. How can I improve this?

The preview pane is designed to offer a very accurate representation of how the output document will appear. It’s possible to navigate through pages in a document to verify your stamp settings. Consequently clicking on multiple stamps requires the preview pane to refresh at every click. For large documents or profiles with many stamps, we […]

I’m using the overlay and underlay feature but it doesn’t seem to work. How do I use this feature with PDF stamps?

You can overlay or underlay a PDF stamp if you stamp it with text or an image. Stamping only PDF stamps will stamp in the order in which they appear in the list box.

Why does the border feature for text stamps, work differently to image and PDF stamps? I want to place text inside a box like my image stamp.

For text stamps, inserting a border results in a line being created around all characters individually, instead of actually including a border around the whole text stamp.

What does the ‘Auto-size Media’ feature do and what is it used for?

When the ‘Auto-size Media’ feature (File > ARTS PDF Crackerjack X > ARTS PDF Crackerjack X > Media) is checked, ARTS PDF Crackerjack X will automatically set a media size which matches the current PDF page size plus any extra amounts specified by the ‘Border’ parameter. Checking this box causes the list of media sizes […]

Automatically generate bookmarks in PDF files using text masks

Debenu PDF Aerialist provides a range of options for automatically generating bookmarks in PDF files based on font name, font size, font color, left indentation, text masks and keyword lists. These options are present to give you a range of options to generate bookmarks based on text in your documents because not all PDF files […]

Using Text Masking in Debenu PDF Aerialist

Text masks are supported when generating bookmarks or tables of content in Debenu PDF Aerialist. The text masking property has a number of special characters allowing you to selectively create bookmarks. They are described in detail below with simple examples provided. Note: The user should be aware that the Bookmarks feature processes text by lines […]

ASP.NET MVC Web Applications and Debenu Quick PDF Library

Debenu Quick PDF Library can be used in ASP.NET MVC Web Application projects to add rich PDF features to web applications. It works in much the same way as it does for regular desktop or server applications. This tutorial is done using Visual Studio 2013 and C#, but the steps are mostly the same if […]

ASP.NET Web Applications and Debenu Quick PDF Library

Debenu Quick PDF Library can be used in ASP.NET Web Application projects to add rich PDF features to web apps. It works in much the same way as it does for regular desktop or server applications. Please note: there is a difference between a ASP.NET Web Site project and a ASP.NET Web Application project. This article deals with […]