Acrobat DC for Mac compatibility

Aerialist plug-ins are not currently supported in Acrobat DC on the Mac operating system. However, Acrobat DC for the Windows operating system is supported. Adobe switched Adobe Acrobat DC on Mac from a 32-bit to 64-bit application as required by Apple for newer versions of Mac OS X however updating the architecture of the plug-in from […]

Known Issue: Some Greek characters not displayed properly when using Symbol font

Some Greek characters are not shown correctly after creating a PDF from a canvas device context (GetCanvasDC, LoadFromCanvasDC and NewPageFromCanvasDC) when using the Symbol font. If another font such as Arial is used then all of the characters display correctly.

Can I compress my PDF?

A PDF can’t be compressed like an image can be compressed. “PDF” is more of a container for various elements. So inside a PDF various things such as image data, font data, content data and so on can be compressed, but these have to be compressed separately. If you want to reduce the file size […]

Is printing PostScript to PDF supported?

No, the Postscipt functions in Debenu Quick PDF Library such as DrawPostScriptXObject will only embed existing postscript commands into a PDF. This is mainly done for printers. Most, if not all PDF viewers do not contain any Postscript rendering functionality so you page may be technically correct but there is not viewer that can render it. […]

Is Debenu Quick PDF Library thread-safe?

Usually when the phrase “thread safe” is used it means that the same instance of the library can be accessed by different threads at the same time. This means that Debenu Quick PDF Library is not thread safe because a single instance of Debenu Quick PDF Library can only be accessed by the thread that […]

Is a 64-bit HDC supported by RenderPageToDCClip?

(The answer is no, not in the current Delphi source code version, but read below because the more accurate answer is “no, but that’s okay because Microsoft guarantees that only the bottom 32-bit range of handles is used in Windows”.) The current build system for the Delphi-based version of Debenu Quick PDF Library cannot handle […]

Can I insert an image into a PDF form field?

No, Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools do not support inserting images into PDF form fields.

Can Debenu Quick PDF Library print PDF forms that use XFA form fields?

There are two types of PDF forms – XFA and AcroForms. An XFA form will always have a corresponding AcroForm. When getting/setting XFA form fields – Debenu Quick PDF library only changes the XML description of the fields in the PDF. When setting the AcroForm fields, and appearance stream can be generated for the form fields […]

Print existing PDF files to an installed printer

Debenu Quick PDF Library can print PDF files to an installed printer using the PrintDocument function. PDF files can be printed to any installed printer driver regardless of whether it is for a physical printer or a virtual printer such as Microsoft XPS Document Writer. There are a range of other printing related functions that […]

FireMonkey Compatibility

FireMonkey is a modern cross-platform GUI framework developed by Embarcadero Technologies for Delphi and C++ Builder. The Delphi edition of Debenu Quick PDF Library is fully compatible with FireMonkey applications for Windows and Mac development through the Delphi IDE. Debenu Quick PDF Library does not currently support iOS and Android.