Can I print different pages in a PDF to different paper trays?

It is not currently possible to print to multiple paper trays or bins using Debenu Quick PDF Library or Debenu PDF Tools Pro due to the technical constraints of some of the libraries that we use. For Debenu Quick PDF Library users a workaround is possible by implementing the printing job manually using the RenderPageToDOC […]

Is it possible to verify if all fonts are correctly embedded prior to printing?

If the preference for checking non-embedded fonts is enabled (Edit > Preferences > ARTS PDF Crackerjack X), ARTS PDF Crackerjack X will verify that all fonts in the current document are embedded before printing. If ARTS PDF Crackerjack X finds that a font is not embedded, but that it exists on the current system, it […]

Can the Debenu PDF Crackerjack X printing process be automated?

Debenu PDF Crackerjack X Pilot is a ‘hot folders’ approach to automation. First you set up a Debenu PDF Crackerjack X settings file and a group of associated folders, one for initial input, one as a destination for successfully processed jobs, another as a repository for unsuccessful jobs, and finally a destination for ‘Save to […]