Create links to dial a phone from a PDF link on mobile devices

In a recent post titled Dial a Phone from a PDF Link on Mobile Devices on the Acrobat For Legal Professionals blog it was demonstrated how you can create a web link in a PDF that when clicked on an mobile device would dial the phone number. Well it is easy to add these links programmatically […]

Programmatically convert EMF to PDF

The ImportEMFFromFile function is designed specifically for importing EMF and WMF file formats. Delphi sample code provided below demonstrates how to use this function. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 procedure TForm2.btnImportEMFFromFileClick(Sender: TObject); var FileName: string; […]

Extract images from PDF files as the appropriate image type

Sometimes it’s necessary to extract images from PDF files and save them to disk. When this happens you’ll most likely want to save the image data back into the image format that it was originally in before it was added to the PDF. This can be tricky at times because some image formats such as […]

Can Debenu Quick PDF Library print PDF forms that use XFA form fields?

There are two types of PDF forms – XFA and AcroForms. An XFA form will always have a corresponding AcroForm. When getting/setting XFA form fields – Debenu Quick PDF library only changes the XML description of the fields in the PDF. When setting the AcroForm fields, and appearance stream can be generated for the form fields […]

Custom printing options

Debenu Quick PDF Library can print PDF files to installed physical printers (e.g. Lexmark S300 Series) or virtual printers (e.g. Microsoft XPS Document Writer). If you do not need granular control over the printer settings then you can use the PrintDocument and PrintOptions functions. However, if you need to control exactly what is happening when the […]

Print existing PDF files to an installed printer

Debenu Quick PDF Library can print PDF files to an installed printer using the PrintDocument function. PDF files can be printed to any installed printer driver regardless of whether it is for a physical printer or a virtual printer such as Microsoft XPS Document Writer. There are a range of other printing related functions that […]

Generate an invoice programmatically as a PDF

Generating PDF files is easy using Debenu Quick PDF Library. In this example we will demonstrate how to programmatically create an invoice as a PDF. In this example we’ll use a range of functions to create the content for the page. The company logo is created using paths, but that section of code could be […]

Add images to PDF programmatically

Adding images to PDF files is simple using the PDF API available with Debenu Quick PDF Library. The key functions involved when inserting an image into a PDF are the AddImageFromFile and DrawImage functions. The size of the image drawn onto the PDF is determined by the DPI value of the image (if present). The ImageHorizontalResolution and ImageVerticalResolution […]

Hello world: your first PDF application with C#

This tutorial is for developers are are using Debenu Quick PDF Library with C# for the first time. To begin with add a button to your Windows Forms Application. Double-click the button to add an OnClick event, and fill in the following event code. Lets start. Create an instance of Debenu Quick PDF Library, this […]

Overlay one PDF onto another PDF programmatically

Debenu Quick PDF Library makes it easy to copy a page from one PDF and draw that page onto one or more pages in a different PDF. This is very useful for when you have a template such as a letterhead that needs to be applied to all pages in a PDF before it is […]