Can I print to different printer trays?

Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools Pro do not currently let you print to different printer bins or paper trays during the same print job. You can assign different print jobs to different printer bins or paper trays, but you can’t assign the one print job to different outputs depending on which page […]

Can I pay to have a feature added to one of Debenu’s products?

Yes, in certain circumstances we do enter into arrangements where companies can pay us to add features to our products. However, we’ll only ever add a feature to our products if that feature is in line with the direction that we’d like the product to go in. You can contact our sales team if this […]

Can I pay for premium support?

No, Debenu does not offer a premium support payment option. We endeavor to provide free support to all of our customers on a first come, first served basis within a reasonable time frame. Support is primarily provided through email. If the issue is unable to be resolved through email then other support mediums can be […]