Major and Minor Releases

All of Debenu’s products follow the major.minor format for version numbers. As an example we can look at Debenu Quick PDF Library’s current version number 12.11.

The first number (“12”) is the major version number. The second number (“11”) is the minor version number. In some of our other products we have additional minor version numbers (e.g. but these can be ignored as they’re for internal development use.

Debenu releases fall into two categories, referred to as major and minor releases. A major release is normally identified by a change in the first digit of its release version number, i.e. 9.xx to 10.xx. A minor release generally signifies a bug fix or minor feature enhancement. This can be identified by an increment in one of the minor version numbers, i.e. 10.11 to 10.12).

Minor releases are issued free to customers who own the same major version of that minor release (i.e. if you own version 10 and we release version 10.12 or 10.13 and so you then you are entitled to a free upgrade).

Free Upgrade Period

Customers who purchase a Debenu product within 60 days of a new major version being released are entitled to a free upgrade.

Contact our sales team if you fall into this category and we will help you out.

Upgrade Price

For eligible customers the upgrade price for a major release will be approximately 60% of the product’s current retail price.

To be eligible for the upgrade pricing you must own a license for the previous version of the product that you’re upgrading to. So for example, if you want to upgrade to Debenu PDF Aerialist 12 then you must own a license for Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 or an older version.

Upgrades for Debenu products can be purchased from the pages below (these pages also include more  upgrade eligibility details for each product):