The Watched Folders feature in Debenu PDF Tools Pro has been optimized for use with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and other popular cloud-based and file-syncing solutions. Once configured, this allows you to run PDF Tools Pro remotely from any device that can access the shared folders, including mobile devices. For this to function, the computer running Debenu PDF Tools Pro with the Watched Folder must be switched on and connected to the internet.

An example of how to set up a Watched Folder in Dropbox is included, below. A similar tutorial that involves creating and assigning a pair of Actions to two separate Watched Folders can be found here. For this example, we will demonstrate how to set up a Watched Folder for converting images to PDF.

Part 1: Create the Action to convert images into PDFs

1. Click “Actions” located in the left toolbar.

Actions highlighted in the toolbar of Debenu PDF Tools

Actions in the toolbar

2. Click “New”.

The New Action button

New Action

3. Expand “Conversion” and double-click “Image to PDF”.

Creating an Image to PDF Action in the PDF Tools Pro Automation interface.

Image to PDF.

4. Name your Action and click “Save”.

Part 2: Set up a Watched Folder in Dropbox

1. Click “Watched Folders” (it is located directly under “Actions”).

Add New Watched Folder dialog

New Watched Folder

2. Click “New”.
3. Select your Action.
4. Select a base/input folder (this is the crucial Watched Folder where you will drop files to be processed).

Setup dialog for Watched Folders in Debenu PDF Tools Pro.

Watched Folder setup

6. Click “Save”.

The Watched Folder is now ready. To use it, simply drop files into the folder using the Dropbox mobile app, desktop, or web interface. Now, if you have a photo or MS Office-based email attachment on your smartphone, you can simply drop them into your new Dropbox Watched Folder. Before you know it, you’ll find the resulting PDF in your output folder.