There are two different types of license keys available for Debenu Quick PDF Library. The first is a commercial license key which you only receive after purchasing a copy of the product and the second is the trial license key which is only valid for 30 days after installation.

  1. Commercial License Key: After successfully purchasing Debenu Quick PDF Library you should have been sent an email from our payment processor which contained your payment receipt as well as a download link and a commercial license key for Quick PDF Library. If you are unable to locate this email please contact us directly.
  2. Trial License Key: When you download and install the trial version of Quick PDF Library a trial license key is automatically generated (TRIAL_LICENSE_KEY.TXT) for you and placed in the same directory as the rest of the Quick PDF Library files, which is usually “C:\Program Files\Debenu\PDF Library\”.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us directly.