Audit Bookmarks and Links in PDF files

Debenu PDF Aerialist takes Acrobat to the next level with its advanced tools for auditing links and bookmarks in PDF files. Fix broken links in PDF files on the spot or generate link audit reports to share with your colleagues.

Links and bookmarks are essential to the navigability of a PDF file so it is essential that they have valid link actions associated with them. With the help of Debenu PDF Aerialist you can validate the link actions of all links and bookmarks between documents, to named destinations and to Web pages.

The editing tools enable you to copy and apply links across document collections and to delete dead ones. They also enable you to correct the properties and magnification of links, reset URLs, filenames and base URLs, and more. The link checking and reporting tools help you to examine links and bookmarks, including all external dependencies and destinations.


  • Batch process – Edit and audit large PDF document collections.
  • Combine tasks into one process – Combine editing, checking and reporting tasks into one process using Acrobat’s batch processing feature.
  • Copy links – Copy and paste links across document collections.
  • Audit links and bookmarks – Check and report on links (including weblinks and bookmarks) across pages, between documents and to web pages. Convert open file links and bookmarks to web links, making linked PDFs on the web work for Mac users. Find and replace URLs and file names. Append base URL to relatively addressed Web links.
  • Delete dead links – Delete all or just dead links in a document collection.
  • Generate PDF and CSV reports.

Checking Links

Audit the validity of all links and bookmarks, even ones with external dependencies – ones that link to other documents or to Web pages. It checks the following types:

  • GoTo links – Checked to make sure that they lead somewhere within the document.
  • GoToR links – Checked to ensure the destination file exists and that a valid page is selected in the destination file.
  • Named destinations – Checked in order to make sure they exist. This will find the most insidious kind of broken link, because Adobe® Acrobat® will not report an error if you click on a GoToR link that uses a named destination that does not exist. Clicking on such a link will open the proper file to page 1, without reporting an error, even though the named destination was probably supposed to lead to a different page. Debenu PDF Aerialist will catch these kinds of broken links!
  • URLs – Checked to ensure the Web site or Web page exists.

Debenu PDF Aerialist includes a number of useful methods that help you correct dead links by taking you to them and visually identifying them.

  • Check first dead link – Finds the first dead link and identifies it by taking you to the page and flashing the link for several seconds.
  • Show dead links on next page – Takes you to the next dead link and identifies it by flashing it for several seconds.
  • Show dead links on this page – Finds the dead links on the current page being viewed and flashes them for several seconds.
  • Dead links page numbers – Scans the current document for dead links and displays which pages they appear on.

Reporting on Links

Debenu PDF Aerialist enables you to audit all links and bookmarks across one or more PDFs, and generates a range of reports in PDF or CSV formats. Reports include:

  • Report on all links – Generates a report that lists all bookmarks and links.
  • Report on external dependencies – Generates a report that lists all files and URL’s referenced by each file.
  • Report on bad actions– Generates a report that lists all bad links and bookmarks, including all external dependencies such as cross-document links and Web pages.
  • Report on bad document bookmarks – Generates a report that lists all bookmarks that are broken.
  • Count Links – Generates a PDF file report detailing how many links, widgets (form fields), and bookmarks each PDF includes.
  • Report on a selected link or annotation – Generates a special PDF file report that shows the technical detail of a link. If the link is broken, it will show you why the link is broken. For those with deep technical knowledge of the PDF format, the report also includes a listing of the contents of the link annotation’s dictionary.

Editing Links

Debenu PDF Aerialist has a number of features for quickly editing and fixing links.

Copy links across pages and documents
Copy and paste multiple links across multiple pages in an individual PDF or across a batch of PDF documents.

Change link properties
Select the properties of one link and then apply these properties to all links in the current document or a batch of documents.

Change link magnification
Change link magnification for the links in the current document or a batch of documents. Fill in a checklist of magnifications (Fixed, Fit View, Fit in Window, etc.) and all links with that magnification are changed to the new magnification that you select.

Additional editing features include:

  • Find and replace URLs – update links to Web pages with new URLs.
  • Find and replace filenames – update links to external files to new filename.
  • Align links – align two or more links horizontally or vertically using the Link Alignment palette. Ideal when creating lists, indexes and table of contents.
  • Set Base URL – set the base URL or append a URL to all relative links across one or more PDFs.
  • Delete links – delete all or just dead links across one or more PDFs.
  • Change text annotations – select a text annotation and apply its color and open/closed state to other text annotations.

Batch Processing

Debenu PDF Aerialist adds a large range of commands to Acrobat’s batch processing engine. The additional commands (listed below) enable you to combine a series of commands/tasks into the one sequenced process and to run it across large document collections.

  • All Links Report
  • Bad Actions Report
  • Bad Bookmarks Report
  • Count Links Report
  • Delete Links (all or just dead ones)
  • External Dependencies Report
  • Find and Replace Filenames
  • Find and Replace URLs
  • Set Base URL
  • Set Link Magnification