Create Automatic Keyword Links in a PDF

Debenu PDF Aerialist allows for links to be created within the PDF file based on searchable text.

Links can be set to execute a variety of actions such as open URL, external file, go to a specific page, named destination or even the next instance of the word in the document. The font color of the found word can also be set, making it possible to visually scan a document quickly identifying links and maintaining specific style requirements.

Here is a view an video tutorial for creating automatic keywords in Adobe Acrobat with Debenu PDF Aerialist.

Click on Links in the Debenu PDF Aerialist section of the tool bar.


Select ‘Create Keyword Links’.


The ‘Create Keyword Links’ box displays with a range of options. for the Keyword Link Destination and Link Properties.



In Keyword destination there are three variables, find, action type and an exact phrase check box.

In the find section type in the keyword that you would like Debenu PDF Aerialist to search the PDF for. We have chosen Debenu for the example here.

It is important to ensure that if you are searching for something that may be contained in other words to check the ‘exact phrase’ box. For example if you want to link the word sub but leave the ‘exact phrase’ box blank it will also link the words ‘submit’ and ‘submarine’.


Action type is what you want action you want the keyword link to perform. There are 5 options: Go to page, go to remote page, open a web link, go to next instance and no action.


Go to page– When the keyword is clicked it will take the user to a specific page in the document.

Go to Remote Page– When the keyword is clicked it will take the user to a page in another PDF document with a predefined page it opens to.


Open a web link– When the keyword is clicked it will take the user to an webpage.


Go to next instance – When the keyword is clicked it will take the user to the next instance of that keyword in the document.

No Action– When the keyword is clicked no action will be performed.

Different boxes will open for actions selected.

The link properties section contains a range of options for formatting the keywords that have been linked they include the first option to select is the Link Type. Depending on which option you chose the following options also become available: Line Thickness, Magnification, Font Colour, Style and Color.

Link Typecontains two options, Invisible Rectangle and Visible Rectangle.

Invisible Rectanglewill leave the keyword links visually unchanged.

Visible Rectanglewill be able to be made more visible with a range of other options appearing.


When a link type is selected to appear with Visible Rectangle the following options become available: Line Thickness, Magnification, Font Color, Style and Color.

Line Thicknesshas three options to define the thickness of the line of the box Thin, Medium and Thick.



Magnificationwill cause a change in how the location of the link is displayed the options include: Inherit Zoom, Zoom, Fit Width, Fit Height, Fit Page, Fit Visible, Fit Rectangle, Fit Bounding Width and Fit Bounding Height.



Font Color: Change the color of the text within the keyword link box. There are a range of colors to chose from the palette.



Stylerelates to the type of visible rectangle will take either a solid line, dashed, or an underline.



Color: Define the line’s color from the color palette available.



You can create a list of Keywords to link adding them to the list on the right side of the selection screen. This will create all the links, for all of the keywords that are specified.