Headers, footers, watermarks, bates numbering

Debenu PDF Aerialist takes Acrobat to the next level with its advanced tools for splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarks, hyperlinks and process automation.

The stamping functionality in Debenu PDF Aerialist and Debenu PDF Aerialist Lite enables you to add sets of stamps to large PDF document collections. Insert text, dynamic text, bates numbering, watermarks, headers and footers to your PDFs with advanced control.

The all-new version comes with a raft of new features that increase the performance, usability and range of tasks you can accomplish. Debenu PDF Aerialist enables you to preview and undo stamps; sequence and combine stamping tasks with other tasks in batch mode; and apply navigation, form field and JavaScript-related actions.

Debenu PDF Aerialist comes with an extensive range of predefined stamp sets that help you get started and help you get the job done quicker. The improved user interface makes it easy to copy and reuse stamps between stamp profiles. Use Debenu PDF Aerialist to perform all your last minute document updating. For example:

  • Add Bates numbering and page numbering. (Aerialist only)
  • Add text stamps as headers and footers. (Aerialist only)
  • Add image stamps like Approved, Draft and Internal Only.
  • Add PDF and EPS vector-based stamps.
  • Underlay company logos as a watermark.
  • Replace or mask areas of the page by overlaying stamps.

Key features

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    Batch process – Process PDF document collections quickly and easily. Sequence your stamping tasks with other commands to streamline your entire publishing process.

  • Apply multiple stamps – Apply a whole set of stamps simultaneously.
  • Preview & undo – Check stamps in the preview pane before applying. Undo or remove them after applying.
  • Insert dynamic text – (Aerialist only) – Insert commonly used information such as time, date and author easily. Insert complex dynamic text such as bates numbering, page numbering and number of pages.
  • Stamp profiles – Save your stamp profiles for reuse. Run profiles from the toolbar.
  • Quick start profiles – Get started quickly by using the preinstalled profiles and stamps installed with Debenu PDF Aerialist X.
  • Stamp graphics – Create stamps from PDF, EPS, JPG, JPG2000, BMP, PNG, TIFF files and more.

Batch processing

Process large PDF document collections in one step. Debenu PDF Aerialist adds its commands to Acrobat’s batch processing engine, enabling you to sequence your stamping tasks with other commands to streamline your entire publishing process.

Stamp types

Text stamp types – (Aerialist X only)
Text stamp types screenshot

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  • Bates numbering – Apply bates numbering with the option to set a fixed length and starting number. Apply bates numbering to batches of documents.
  • Insert dynamic text – Use the Dynamic text option to insert commonly used information such as Page Numbers, Total Pages, Batch Page Number, Batch Total Pages, Bates Number, Bates Total Pages, File Name, File Path, Date, Time, Day, Month, Year, Hour, Minute, Second, Title, Subject, Author and Keywords.
  • Multi-line text stamps – Text stamps can span multiple lines, and can have the leading specified.
  • Line spacing – Choose single, 1.5 spacing or double line spacing to display text in the text stamp.
  • Text types – Solid, outline and invisible text.
  • Underline – Apply an underline style for your text.
  • Font types – Use any of the Base 14 Fonts or your system fonts.

Image stamp types

  • Image types – Create your stamps with from file types such as JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, EPS, TIFF.
  • Size – Define the size of the image stamp.

PDF stamp types

  • PDF file – Create your PDF stamps by selecting a specific page of a PDF document.
  • Size – Define the size of the PDF stamp.
General features

Apply any of the following features to all text, image and PDF stamps.

General features screenshot

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  • Action stamps – Apply an action to your stamp. These include WWW link, Go to page, Go to remote page, Open file, Read an article, Execute a menu item, Set layer visibility, Show/Hide field, Submit a form, Reset a form, Import form data, Run a JavaScript, Play a media, Play a sound, Go to snapshot view. With support for relative address paths in Open file Action Type.
  • Page ranges – Apply the stamp to pages using the pre-defined options, or specify the exact page ranges to use.
  • Rotate stamps – Set the angle at which the stamp appears.
  • Border – Apply a border around your stamp and specify its color, width and line style.
  • Color – Create your own customized color or use a predefined color for your border and text.
  • Position – Specify the location of the stamp horizontally and vertically. For precise placement use millimeters, centimeters or inches.
  • Overlay/underlay – Make text, image or PDF stamp appear on top or underneath the existing page content.
  • Opacity – Apply to get a good watermark effect.