PDF Mail Merge

Debenu PDF Aerialist extends the usability of PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat by allowing merging with text-delimited variable data files from local data sources such as spreadsheets, CSV files or text files.

A typical barrier to using PDF forms is its focus on Web server applications. To many Acrobat users, such forms projects are beyond their reach, underfunded, or organizationally difficult to implement. Debenu recognizes that there are millions of private data bases on desktop computers as spreadsheets, PC databases, and custom queries of mainframe data, all capable of producing the data in a delimited text file.

Key Features

  • Merge variable data with PDF forms
  • Use CSV or Tab-delimited text files and more
  • Save output to single or multiple PDF files
  • Advanced data selection capabilities (auto-mapping)
  • Data record and page range selection options
  • Optionally make output PDF forms non-editable (flatten form fields)
  • Optionall make output PDF form fields read-only
  • Named output files using text from data records or specified name
  • Highlight blank fields or fields containing specified text
  • Save and re-use settings

PDF Mail Merge Dialog Screenshot

The Advanced options for PDF Mail Merging in Debenu PDF Aerialist are available by clicking on the Advanced Options button.

PDF Mail Merge Advanced Dialog Screenshot