Silently add files using Watched folders

Automatically add files using watched folders

Benubird can import files from folders chosen by you on a timer. Instantly add document metadata to imported files, specify which file types to add and optionally choose a collection to add imported files to. It’s all automated, so you just set it up and leave it to run in the background.

Import files automatically and silently in the background

Simply specify a folder to watch (including sub-folders if you want), and the frequency with which you want to check for new files, and Benubird Pro will automatically and silently add files from this folder for you. There is no limit on the number of watched folders you can add.

Choose which file types to include when importing files

You have absolute control over which files are imported. You can choose to add all file types or you can choose to add only specific file types.

Specify document properties to be added to imported files

Save yourself time by letting Benubird Pro automatically add document properties like Title, Author, Subject, Category, Tags and Comments to files as they are imported through a watched folder.

Automatically add imported files to a Collection

Organize your files in advance by specifying a collection into which they should be automatically added after they’ve been imported through a watched folder.