Filter document tags to retrieve files

Filter documents tags to retrieve files

The Tags filter is the primary filter for keywords. It offers perhaps the fastest route to pinpointing the exact file or group of files that you’re looking for. Apply descriptive tags to any file or group of files and then easily filter the file list based on the selected tags in the Tags Filter. Only files that have been tagged with the selected tags will be displayed.

Find documents faster using keyword filtering

The Tags filter allows you to quickly filter the file list based on the tags that each file contains. All tags that are associated with files are shown in the Tags filter and the number of times each tag has been used is also displayed. If you select a tag in the Tags filter the file list is updated so that it only displays files that contain the selected tag.

It’s easy to apply tags to multiple files at the same time

Benubird PDF makes it incredibly easy to apply tags to multiple files in one go. Simply highlight the files you wish to apply tags to, right-click on them and then select Properties from the context menu.

Filter by as many tags are you require

There is no limit to the number of tags that can be applied an individual document and there is no limit on the number of tags you can select in the Tags filter to refine the file list.