Imposition, Print and Image Editing

Debenu PDF Crackerjack is now obsolete and some features have been incorporated into Debenu PDF Aerialist

Imposition Features

Get the digital stripping tools you need. The PDF imposition tools are easy to use and quick to process your PDFs. Best of all, you can save your project settings and reuse them whenever you like. Features include:

Imposition layout screenshot

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  • Step and repeat pages for business cards, labels, stickers, etc.
  • Perform advanced N-up, 2- and 4-up imposition for book creation.
    • Automatically shuffle and rotate pages.
    • Use work and turn, sheetwise, stack cut and sequential layouts.
    • Bind using saddle stitched and perfect bound.
    • Allow for creep.
  • Specify sheet size, margins and gutters.
  • Autofit, scale, rotate and center pages.
  • Insert printer’s marks.
  • Optimize for single and double sided printing.
  • Save and reuse job settings.

Print Features

Solve those hard to fix production problems not handled by Adobe® Acrobat® Professional. Features include:

Print features screenshot

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  • Copies and collation.
  • Rotation for film saving.
  • Negative and mirror print.
  • PDF backgrounds.
  • Screening controls.
  • Dot gain compensation.
  • X-Y scaling options.
  • Define media and sizes.
  • Auto-size media to eliminate page setup woes.
  • Offsets to reposition the data or the page on the media.
  • Page ranges with odd and even page support.
  • Tiling with user defined overlap.
  • PostScript Level 2 and PostScript 3 support.
  • Text to black and black overprint options.
  • Device independent color rendering intents.
  • Solves common problems with files created with Microsoft applications like Word, Publisher and PowerPoint.

Image Editing Features

Accurately prepare the images in your PDF documents for print, Web and other publishing. Work on individual images inside Acrobat®, or process selected images in a document or a whole document collection. Features include:

  • Automate using Acrobat’s batch processing engine.
  • Correct and edit images directly in Acrobat® — no need for Photoshop® or other expensive image editing programs.
  • Cut, copy, paste, resize, rotate, extract and replace images.
  • Resample, despeckle and adjust brightness and contrast.
  • Convert image color spaces.
  • Supports ICC profiles.
  • Support Enfocus Certified PDF™.
  • Send images to back or bring to front.

Testimonial. ARTS PDF Crackerjack's imposition feature doubled productivity, while keeping the correct mailing order after the cut. People really like seeing that! James Lockman, Working Words & Graphics.